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  • Andriana Peresta

    Andriana Peresta

  • Amber Case

    Amber Case

    Design advocate, speaker and author of Calm Technology + Designing With Sound. Research Fellow at Institute for the Future. Caseorganic.com

  • Daniel Leal

    Daniel Leal

  • Carlos Mota

    Carlos Mota

    👨‍💻, 🔭🌖, 🗺, 📸, 🏃‍💨, 🇵🇹, 🖖 - is this how I should use emojis? Also: https://www.cafonsomota.xyz/

  • Zouhir



  • Mónica Gonçalves

    Mónica Gonçalves

  • Ana Carolina Figueiredo

    Ana Carolina Figueiredo

    “Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” Beth Comstock

  • Pedro Alves

    Pedro Alves

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