Originally posted on r-zero.xyz/blog/tip-001. R-zero is a guide for people who wish to live more sustainably. Every month, I share 5 tips to reduce waste and save resources, detailing the impact each tip has in terms of sustainability, as well as the money and time you’d be saving or spending.

This is the very first of many sustainability tips and challenges that I’m planning to share with you — and because it’s the first, we’ll start nice and easy.

For my Portuguese folks out here, I have a musical introduction:

Anyone else remembers learning this in elementary school?

The lyrics…

Originally written on R-zero, a guide for people who wish to live more sustainably. Every month, I share 5 tips to reduce waste and save resources, detailing the impact each tip has in terms of sustainability, as well as the money and time you’d be saving or spending.

Before starting this project, I ran a tiny survey that I asked friends and coworkers to fill. The survey had only one multiple choice question (did I mention it was tiny?) that asked:

What is stopping you from living a more environmentally sustainable life?

People could answer by selecting up to 3…

Summer is coming and with it the internships season.

Disclaimer: I started my design/frontend developer career by doing a summer internship with the Nest Collective. Right after the summer, I started working with Deemaze Software, and since then I’ve been involved in the recruitment phase for two years of internships with dozens of candidates. I’m no HR expert, just someone who was once really looking forward to taking part in a summer internship and has since died a bit inside every time I had to say “no” to someone in that same position.

So, what’s this post?
This blog post is meant to help you select good summer internships and…

The fourth edition of our summer internship is now open for applications. ️☀️

Are you ready to launch your career? The Nest Collective Summer Internship ’19 is your best way to enter the world of product development. And we’re glad to announce that applications are now officially open.

In our internship, you’ll have the chance to work with experienced people in the software industry, while developing a real digital product. And, because Nest Collective is a collective 🙃, throughout the internship you’ll have contact with and receive close mentorship from several companies — RedLight, Deemaze, Pink Room, Symantec, Grama, F#*king Amazing, Good Barber, Versátil Contexto, Open Dome.

The Internship

Here’s the line up we’re preparing…

How to stop viewing accessibility as an extra-mile, and start integrating an empathy-driven process in software teams.

In this series of blog posts, we’re going to analyse some common misconceptions about building accessible software. I’m addressing this because when accessibility is seen as a “nice to have”, it almost always ends up forgotten — and making inclusive software is becoming increasingly relevant as more products and services start running online.

So, with no further ado, the first myth:

#1 Only highly disabled people benefit from accessibility.

To address this point, we must first understand what a disability is, so we have a better notion of who it affects.

Disability: An illness, injury, or condition that makes it difficult for someone to do the things that…

Journal of a trip through Auschwitz and Birkenau.

When I was 16, I developed an obsession with the Holocaust. I was both horrified by all the cruelty in that piece of human history and, at the same time, fascinated by the heroic stories of people who defied that growing system, often risking and losing their lives. I believe that in times of war and despair, people are tempted by the worst in them — our survival instincts work in mysterious ways — , and that’s something I’m lucky to never have experienced. Nonetheless, I deeply admire that under the same circumstances, some people reveal their very best self.

Let’s make a photo gallery responsive quickly and using very few lines of CSS.

Hello again! 👋 Today we’re going to talk about how to build responsive layouts while using CSS Grid. If you’re just starting with Grid, I recommend that you read my first blogpost before this one. Baby steps!

In this post, we’re going to build a photo gallery (on our fictional social network for dogs) and I’m going to show you how I organize responsive layouts in two different scenarios:

  • Layouts with repeating components;
  • And how to make a component itself responsive.

Of course we’re sticking with puppies, so let me introduce Pady, Lola’s brother. …

An introduction to CSS Grid and its potential with a practical example.

My first contact with CSS Grid was at a talk from Rachel Andrew and I was fascinated by the problems it solves and possibilities it creates. I played around with it a bit and today I want to show you a layout scenario that wouldn’t be trivial to implement without CSS Grid — a layout with intertwined sections.

I will not explore in depth each CSS property, considering this is not meant to be an exhausting tutorial. Instead, I’ll leave some links at the end so you can check more detailed documentation about the properties we use here!

The layout 🐾

For the…

We gathered some rules to help you use our brand flawlessly.

Creating Deemaze’s logo and brand was a long and devoted process.

After going through all that, we became quite attached to our brand. Because of that, we worked on simple guidelines to help you use our branding assets in a way that represents our company’s brand effectively.

You can download these guidelines and all our assets.


This is the main version of our logo. The wordmark’s typeface is Prime and no other should be used alongside our icon.

Find out all about our first edition of Nest-à-tona.

At Nest Collective, we’d been thinking about doing an internal hackathon for quite some time. Get everyone together for a weekend and do what we like the most — build stuff. Thankfully, ShiftAPPens was just the push we needed to get this going (even without a mechanical bull)!

So, now, we’re sharing with you all the juicy details about our Nestathon (aka Nest-à-tona)— from the rules to the projects and how it all went down!

First things first

The amazing organization gave us a briefing: you had 24h to do something that adds value to the Nest. It can be something for the…

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